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ENVIRONMENTAL Home Car Washing - Water Saver or Water Waste? The sun is closer, and the days are longer. That means spring is coming, along with warmer weather, and car washing season. Home car washing season that is. It's usually about this time of year that vehicle owners start to get excited about washing their cars in their driveway. It's a classic vision for all home/car owners. The hours spent in the gorgeous summer sun perfecting the ultimate car wash, a frosty beverage and perhaps some great music or a baseball game on the radio. Before we get too wrapped up in this dreamscape, let's go through a few reality checks. Why do people wash their cars in their driveway, besides comfort and pleasure? Some believe it saves water, is more beneficial for the environment, and does a better job. While there's no doubt that spending an unlimited amount of time hand washing your vehicle is guaranteed to produce the results you want, all of those myths about being safer for the environment need a little straightening out. Time to Bust Myths Washing your car in the driveway saves water! Quite the opposite, engineering studies have shown that washing your car in the driveway can use up to ten times more water than a professional car wash. Take The Carwash Company and The Exterior Carwash Company... their automatic car wash uses a small amount of water and squeezes it into high pressure. Computers precisely turn that equipment off and on when required. If it's the personal touch you like while washing your car then use of one of The Carwash Company's full-serve bays. Full-serve tunnel washes use even less water than self-serve bays and offer a variety of options and functions. Unfortunately car washes are often labeled as water hogs because of their high visibility, however professional car washes in fact use very little amounts of water to keep your vehicle looking like new. Time for myth #2 Does washing your car in your driveway benefit the environment? Not at all! It also happens to be illegal in many cities in Canada. When you rinse off your car, all of the water and chemical residues get washed into storm drains, which gets deposited directly into our lakes and rivers. If your driveway happens to be next to your lawn, the water can also leek underground and pollute water tables and harm beneficial soil organisms. At The Carwash Company, all waste water is sent directly to sewage treatment facilities, so that all chemical residues are removed and the water is purified before returning to the environment. Lastly, myth #3 Does washing your car at home do a better job? Some people may swear by it, but when was the last time you tried a professional car wash? At The Carwash Company and The Exterior Carwash Company, our automated exteriors are affordable, take only minutes, and are a fantastic way to get your vehicle sparkling clean without harming the environment. If you really enjoy taking on the task yourself, then look no further than our full-serve tunnel washes. They save water, don't pollute the environment, and still provide you with the opportunity to give your vehicle cleaning that personal touch. Do yourself and the environment a favour. Visit The Carwash Company and The Exterior Carwash Company today. Located in Newmarket and Aurora. For more information in regard to environmental effects go to and or